Thursday, 10 March 2016



Saturday 12th

Sunday 13th
Cultural tour in Rome
Lunch in Rome

Monday 14th
Opening Scienze Week at Palazzo Orsini h 8.45
Activities with students h 9.00
Coffee break h10.30
Activities with students h 11.00
Lunch at Istituto Giovagnoli h 12.30
Visit to Museo Multimediale di Monterotondo h 14.30
Project workshop h 16.30
Dinner at Teresa Barletta’s (Headteacher) home h 19.30

Tuesday 15th
Visit and activities at Infant school h 9.00
Think outside the box ii
Coffee Break h 10.00
Visit and activities at Primary school h 10.30
Lunch at Tormancina (countyside) school and students activities h 12.30
Activities at Primary school h 15.00
Free time or Walking and dinner in Rome h 16.30

Wednesday 16th
Activities at secondary school h 9.00
Coffee beack h 10.30
Activities at Palazzo Orsini with students h 11.00
Lunch at Istituto Giovagnoli h 13.00
Project Workshop h 15.00
Free time h17.00
Dinner at Leone Monteduro’s home at 19.30

Thursady 17th
Visit to Galleria d’arte Moderna (Art Gallery) in Rome with students h 9.00
Departurer to destinations

Think outside the box 1

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