Tuesday, 8 December 2015


A Logo for "Think outside the box":
Classes involved: 3F, 3G, 2F, 2G, 2I from secondary school coordinated by Luigia La Loggia Art teacher.  
Design a Logo is a complex work for the middle school students: in contemporary language LOGO is a form of visual synthetic communication endeavored by companies agencies and associations as a symbol that allows the immediate identification of the firm.
Actions carried out:
1) braimstormingabout th Erasmus+ project "Think outside the box – Art and Science" and the logo to be implemented. Trademark and logos searches of various compagnie and firms in the global market.
2) identification of the formal elements such as images, written, texts, pictures that give the logo the function to what you want to communicate, the main aim.
3) give to the text a legible font following the rules about the communication with the “lettering.”
4) use images such as icons and symbols easily perceptible for their recognizability or by their shape.
5) implementation of the sketches (rough)
6) research the better color scheme performing variuos tests: positive, negative, full color gradient, etc …

7) ensure the understanding and readability of the logo giving proper proportions.

ON 20TH DECEMBER 2015 THE LOGO COMMISSION, composed by T. Barletta - Headteacher, L. La Loggia, A. Iacomino and L. Monteduro - art teachers, HAVE DETERMINATED THE CONTEST WINNER: Sveva Iapella (class 2G)


Hello everybody
My name is Luigia . I'm 56 years old. My job is Art teacher in secondary grade at Giovagnoli School in Monterotondo. I love my job, I think it is very interesting and I do everything for improve my teaching.
My character is mild an joyful. I get on well with students and they are fine with me. I live in Mentana nera Monterotondo with my husband Giuseppe and three children ,Michela, Giorgia and Lorenzo, a small  dog Toto and a cat Ofelia.

The LOGO Contest in Poland

In our schoo we have a contest for the best LOGO of the project “Think Outside the Box”
The contest won Alicja Górnisiewicz from 5th grade. Bravo Ala!

The works which got the most points are displayed on the school corridor.
Our small exhibition

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